Vector problem - 2

A carrom board (having dimension 4ft * 4ft) has the queen at the centre. The striker hits the queen,which moves to the front edge,rebounds and finally enters the hole behind the striking line. Find the displacement of the queen from :

1) centre to front edge

2) front edge to hole

3) centre to hole

Anyone here to help me out?

4 Answers

Soumak Roy ·

Take the centre as A, the point where the queen strikes the front edge as B and the hole behind the striking line as C. AB=2√103 and BC=4√103

Himanshu Giria ·

3) 2√2

Akshay Ginodia ·

1) 2√103
2) 4√103

Soumak Roy ·

wanted to upload the diagram but seems my net connection is too slow !

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