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Hey guys.. I am a dropper with AIR of 778 in IIT JEE this year.. I currently study Comp Sci at NIT Trichy.. and this year I have been allotted IIT Roorkee Comp Sci.. I just want to know how good is IIT Roorkee as compared to Nit Trichy..???

All suggestions are welcome..

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pawanseerwani seerwani ·

@Nishant: I would be v glad if u replied to this thread.. Well I have chosen IIT Roorkee Comp sci( over IIT M mech).. do u think its a better choice..??
P.S : I hav loads of interest in Comp Sci..
( I am specifying this because I happened to see somewhere u telling that college is more important than course... to which i disagree)

jabbujabbu ·

IITM Mech. would have been better.And you really shouldn't compare IIT Roorkee with NIT Trichy. You will feel the vast difference when you join it.

pawanseerwani seerwani ·

@jabbujabbu: Thanks for your reply.. :-)

Lokesh Verma ·

It is okie pawan..

If you are very very interested in comp science then Roorkee is not a very bad place either..

Of course nothing compared to IITM or Some other older IITs

But yeah NIT tricy is something I would not want to compare \these to... (Not even close)

Bcos you have chosen comp science... I hope that you will give all the effort in the next couple of years :)

Good Luck Pawan

D Queen ·

IITs rock any day..Please dont compare it to NITs..

And Computer is the best branch..

But u may have also opted for MTECH in CS..But even this is excellent..

aposlil ·

Yeah go for Roorkee...

pawanseerwani seerwani ·

@everone: Thanks for your replies.. :-)

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