urgent !

is chemical/instrumentation/civil at jadavpore better than ee/ece/me at NIT Durgapur ? which is the best one?

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Lokesh Verma ·

i think u should go for jadavpore above DGP..
had it been trici or suratkal or warangal then the answer would be different...

If u wait for a few rounds... could u get a better branch at jadavpore?

suharthy ·

may be elec/mech at shibpore ! what about that ?

suharthy ·

these are my choices :
(1) civil/instru/chemical/metallurgy at Jadavpore
(2) mech/civil at Shibpore
(3) Everything at NITdgp !

i prefer Jadavpore but i am confusd b/w the branches that i should select over there ! Nishant sir , pls help !

suharthy ·

one more thing , i may also get ee/me at NIT Rourkela . should i prefer it to Jadavpore?? Nishant bhai , pls reply as soon as possible . the aieee counselling dates are near at hand !

suharthy ·

hey , experts help !

suharthy ·

nishant sir , i am confused b/w shibpore , jadavpore and nit dgp !

sagnik sarkar ·

Take chemical at Jadavpur!

One of my seniors passed out as chemical engineer from Jadavpur last year and joined Indian Oil with a starting salary of 9 lacs per annum!!

Civil is better at Shibpur coz basically BESU started as Calcutta Civil engineering college.So civil is first class at Shibpur.Moreover it is a core group engineering..

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