4299 Rank in IIT .. Confused Plz Help..!!

I am Getting a
*M Sc. in Economics @Kanpur
*Process Engineering+MBA @Roorkee
*All courses in Dhanbad
*Mech and Electrical @Patna
Please help me to choose..!!

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gordo ·

depends on your interest, and your priority of college.
If you want a core engineering branch and not too uptight about the institute your getting into, ill suggest ee or me at iit patna.
Ive heard a lot of good things about petroleum engg in Dhanbad.

but if you want a good iit, as well as a decent course, ill suggest Process Engineering @ iit roorkee.

abhishek sahoo ·

m sc. in eco do have good prospects.....in my view it will be better

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