its counselling time!

Within a few weeks the results of all the major entrance exams will be declared.. .. and if you are confused about the branch and engineering college to choose.. this is the place where u can discuss and clear ur dilemma.

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omkar ·

Major Branches of Engineering

Acoustic Engineering : Designing of buildings and rooms to make them quiet, improving conditions for listening to speech and music in auditoriums and halls and developing techniques and sound absorbing materials to reduce noise pollution

Aerospace Engineering : Developing of various technologies relating to aircrafts, spaceships and missiles that are designed for flight in the earth’s atmosphere and in outer space

Aeronautical Engineering : Applying engineering principles and techniques to the design construction and operation of aircrafts

Agricultural Engineering : Designing agricultural equipment, erosion control and irrigation and land conservation projects, and processing, transporting and storing of agricultural products

Automobiles Engineering : Developing various technologies relating to automobiles and other motor vehicles and their design and management of production

Biomedical Engineering : Applying engineering techniques to health related problems

Chemical Engineering : Deals with the large-scale processing of chemicals and chemical products for industrial and consumer uses

Civil Engineering :

Computer Engineering : Developing and improving computers, storage and printout units and computer information network

Electrical Engineering : Developing, producing and testing of electrical and electronic devises and equipment, such as, generators to produce and distribute electricity, electric motors and other electrical machinery, transmission lines

Electronics Engineering : Concerns the production of communication equipment, computers, medical and scientific instruments, radar, radio and TV sets

Environmental Engineering : Overall efforts to prevent and control air, water, soil and noise pollution using various engineering techniques

Industrial Engineering : Applying engineering analysis and techniques to the production of goods and techniques more particularly mathematical models developed on computer to simulate flow of work through the organisation and to evaluate the effects of any proposed changes (see also Production Engineering)

Instrumentation and Control Engineering : Designing and using scientific instruments for purpose, such as, communication, control, computation, direction, or measurement

Marine Engineering : Concerns the production of propelling machinery and auxiliary equipment for use on ships

Materials Engineering : Concerns the structure, properties, production and use of various material – metallic and non-metallic 9including synthetic) – Substances

Mechanical Engineering : Concerns production transmission and the use of mechanical power, designing, operating and testing of all kinds of machines

Metallurgical Engineering : Separating metals from their ores and preparing them for use, i.e., refining them to a pure state (extractive metallurgy) and converting refined materials into useful finished products (physical metallurgy)

Mining Engineering : The integrated application of multiple scientific and engineering disciplines to the extraction of natural materials from the earth’s crust

Naval Architecture : The design and construction of ships and other vehicles

Nuclear Engineering : The handling, control and application of nuclear materials and reactors for generating useful energy

Ocean Engineering : The design and installation of all kinds of equipment used in oceans

Petroleum Engineering : The production, storage and transporting petroleum and natural gas

Production Engineering : The design and operation of productive processes and facilities (see also Industrial Engineering)

Textile Engineering : Concerns machinery and processes used to produce both natural and synthetic fibres and fabrics

Transportation Engineering : The efforts to make transportation safer, more economical and efficient.

omkar ·

How to choose the right Engineering Branch ?

Computer Science & Engineering

1.Do you like computer ? (I am not talking about computer games and Internet)
2.Do you want to do something new in computer ?
3.Do you always experiment with your computer and surprise others ?
4 Are you strong enough in mathematics and logic making skills ?
5.Do you like puzzles ?
6.Are you having a good IQ.

If you answer most of the question in yes then this is the branch for you and you are made for this branch. This branch require a good logic making skills and good aptitude ,innovation and hard work. If you are having all these things in you then go for this branch. Information Technology This branch require the same skills as in Computer science & engineering. There is a little bit difference in their syllabus content. There is no big difference as far as placement and job opportunity is concerned both the branch are equally good and well payed.

Electrical & Electronics
1. Have you ever open your switch board and repair it ?
2. Do you want to know the functioning of your home electrical appliances ?
3. Do you want to know what is really going on in a computer CPU ?
4. Are u interested in sensors & transistor ?
5. Do you want to make your own robot ?

If yes then this is the branch for you, again there is a small difference in electrical and electronics most of the syllabus content are same. In most college theses are separate branches but in some college they are same. In short we can say that electronics is subset of electrical. As far as placement and job opportunity is concerned then it depend from college to college.

Mechanical & production Engineering

1.Are you interested in bike and cars design ?
2.Do you take interest in functioning of daily routine things ?
3.Do you ask basic question to your teachers(i.e how this works ? how that works ?)
4.Do you like physics ?
5.Do you like to make some new mechanism ?
6.Do you like to use your engineering skills for a common man life ?
if yes then you are at right place this is the branch for you. This branch require a real hard work. In most of the colleges mechanical and production are different branches but there syllabus content are more or less similar but in few college this is combine. There is a misconception that in this branch's job opportunity are less as compared to computer science and electronics. Again it's depend upon individual .This is called evergreen branch ,now a days there are a lot of job opportunity and money in this sector if you have talent and ready to work hard.

Civil Engineering

1.Are you interested in building making ?
2.Are you ready to rock the world by your talent ?
3.Have you ever think how this can be done after seeing a building ?
if yes then this is the branch for you. There is a misconception that in this branch's job opportunity are less as compared to others branch. It is not so, if you are hardworking and talented then there are a lot of opportunity in this sector.

Romen Halder ·

whcih should be given higher preference- branch or colllege?

swordfish ·

dude I like repairing mechanical stuff at my home as well as knowing about electrical circuits in PC, machines etc. What do you have to say for me? Got any other set of questions?

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