plz hlp...

plz tell me the best online tutors for jee.......................wll i wod btr opt fr buying dvd's rater tan taking online coaching of bad inter net speed............ is topchalks gud one ..or even i read de advertisment of kaysons dvds forr iit /,,,plz hlp

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Lokesh Verma ·

Depends on what they charge...

You should try MIT video lectures for a lot of topics..... Some other videos are anyways available free on the net.
I dont knwo what value they will bring apart from this.

But if it does save ur travel time and also keeps you engaged in studying either by work load or some other way, then you can definitely look at it.

Subhomoy Bakshi ·

I had got one set of topchalks CD for free.. I had topped one of their exams they conducted when I was in class 11....

I felt their CD is nice if and only if you already know the syllabus fully..
I mean the topchalks stuff is nice for the purpose of revision.. not concept building..

Recently I had the opportunity to see one of the books provided by topchalks which they call "Guru Mantra".. the book doesnot cover many parts like inorganic chemistry and lacks good level problems in physics and chemistry.. though the maths felt conceptually sound..

Nevertheless I am not very positive about topchalks..

Rest I have no idea of and so, dont want to express any views..

Also, you can opt correspondence courses of various institutions.. I have seen material of quite a few institutions and they are nice..

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