Which choice to be preferred

please suggest me which option is better in terms of every aspect like placement,brand name etc.
→ 4 yr B.Tech course in mathematics and computing at IIT Guwahati
→ 4 yr B.S course in mathematics and scientific computing at IIT Kanpur
please reply me soon

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Lokesh Verma ·

Maths and Computing IIT Kanpur...

Shubhodip ·

what is the future of some one studying b.tech or b.s in mathematics n computing ? ( it may sound funny but i m seriousand in dbt)

mnkgupta088 ·

@ Nishant sir
please tell me why IIT Kanpur because its a B.S course and not a B.tech one.Moreover sir its mathematics and scientific computing which is more towards research field (i think so)

Lokesh Verma ·

The future is in applied mathematics..

I am in for Kanpur because generally this is a course which is into higher studies.

Also because kanpur is an older IIT .. I would generally prefer kanpur over guwahati....

gordo ·

Ill advice you to go for iit kanpur.
I feel the only thing alluring about iitg is the fact that the degree is a 'BTech' degree. I'm suggesting kanpur going by the sheer reputation of the institute, and its generally advised to pick kanpur for MSc courses.
In case you wish to know more about IIT G BTech, get to my chat box, and ill hook you up with a friend of mine in IITG Math and computing from whom you can get a more accurate story.


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