2010 JEE form imp ....

jee 2010 form problems...

1) do I need to fill item no. 5 second part ?
2)do I need to fill item no. 11 (choice of counselling centre)
3)do I need to attach 12 th certificate too ???

plzz its urgent

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eureka123 ·

koi toh reply karo ...

qwerty ·

call the IITs itself !! they hav given some help line no. na in the brochure??

eureka123 ·

vo log fone uthain to pata chale naa...

D Queen ·

a)No if u havent appeared for boards twice
b)Yes u have to fill item 11 as your nearest IIT

IIT Bombay if u r from IIT Bombay zone
If u r from IT KGP zone u can fill ISMU
and if u r from IIT K zone IT-BHU

c)No They havent asked..as most of us will b appearing fr boards in 2010

Devil ·

Any idea when the VIT forms are coming out?

eragon24 _Retired ·

is it so that u hav to fill choice of counselling centre if u r a general catagory student.......i dun think so....its for sc/st catagory students only(its mentioned in teh brochure)but in the sample given in teh brochure tat guy who is a genera cat student has filled teh choice of councelling centre.......well i havent fill teh choice of councelling centre and already dispatched teh form......now if we hav to fill.....then wat to do now.....

Devil ·

Someone answer my query.....[66]

varunbansalji ·

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eureka123 ·


Tush Watts ·

No need to fill #11 @ Eure [55]

Debotosh.. ·

yes...who is this stupid ,,,posting advertisements?

Devil ·

My query..............??????

eureka123 ·

no idea...btw is VIT good ???i heard it isnt good at all....manipal is better

$ourav @@@ -- WILL Never give ·

ne news of dce or bitsat???

msp ·

vit isnt dat gud,leave dat.its not worth giving a try.

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