Sir I want to buy an advanced book for reference in organic. My tuition teacher has suggested that I read one after studying from bahl n bahl and school books. I have found out about 2 books which meet my requirements---Peter Sykes and Morrison & Boyd . Which do you think is better for me to buy ??

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Lokesh Verma ·

Sykes is not a text book.. It is a collection of mechanisms.

You should use Morrison Boyd. You could add Sykes as a reference book

both books are awesome.

Even bhal and bahl is decent.

You could actually try Solomon's!

It is really well written. In the same league as Morrison Boyd.

Ronald Clement ·

thank you sir

eureka123 ·

morrison and boyd always...............[1]

kartik sondhi ·

What about the new gen O.P.Tandon and the Arihant

eureka123 ·

OP Tondon and Arihant are crap...

Tush Watts ·

Arihant and Peter sykes are good one

Debotosh.. ·

believe me.......arihant will just lead you to wilderness and wrong explanations.....never go for arihant.....its dangerous.....better go for mechanism books by MUKUL C.RAY (mtg publishers) and S.N.SANYAL(bharati bhawan publishers) !!!!!

injun joe ·

NO arihant plz!!

Dr.House ·

peter sykes is enough dude. then if u have it, no need to buy mukul c ray and sanyal sanyal.

A ·

I have another query in addition to ronald's ques.

I am using Finar and sanyal .. occassionally i use arihant to practice questions...

Is it enough?

msp ·

dont study arihant more than first seven chapters it was totally a waste of time.i wasted a lot also it has few mistakes.

msp ·

i have once read is also a gud one,but it doesnt have colourful diagrams,i was using structure and reactivity by seyhan ege it has some gud appearence and mcmurry which was really pleasant to study organic nobody hate organic if u study mcmurry it was really colourful.

Kalyan IIT-K Beware I'm coming ·

hey cud u guys pls finally tell wich buks 2 follow for maths chem n phy..n yes i hav 1 q. wich many students have generally in their mind....hw 2 manage tym..pls suggest.thank u.

Debanjana Mukher ·

well i also followed arihant,its not that friends told me about jagadamba singh organic chem.any1 heard of it??coz i didnt get it in the shops..

Lokesh Verma ·

I dont know why everyone is so much against arihant organic..

I used it for my preparations.. It is a really good book to use for class XII and specially towards the end.. (of course not for those who want to master the subject)

For them morrison boyd or solomon's etc would be ideal

but now do you have the time to study those bibles?

I dont think so ..

I still stick to my recommendation of Arihant organic.. even though I aint any chemistry expert ...

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