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Lokesh Verma ·

Greetings! We are sure you are preparing very well for your JEE 2010!

As organizers of the examination, we always strive to make the examination experience as comfortable as possible.

As you know, the first step is the Application procedure.You can apply for JEE 2010 either online if you have access to computer and internet or offline using the prescribed OMR form. This year we are introducing some new schemes to simplify the online application process.

We encourage you to apply online, as it is going to be very simple, secure and cheap. We are sure many of you will know how to use computers and internet. If you do not know, then this online application process is a wonderful opportunity to learn about computer and internet usage.

By applying online you also save 10% money for your parents. The online application fees are Rs. 900/- (for general category, OBC & DS students) and Rs. 450/- (for female (any category), SC/ST, Physically Disabled). The respective offline application fees are Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 500/-. The quoted fees for both online and offline applications are exclusive of the bank charges.

Click here to get instructions for applying online

If you are already familiar with the instructions click here to start the Online Application Process

Lokesh Verma ·

Lokesh Verma ·

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qwerty ·

thank you sir ...can pls make another such post for AIEEE also plzzzz

eureka123 ·

thanx sirji

Tush Watts ·

Thanx a lot Sir

rahul nair ·

thanx bhaiiya...[1]

Asish Mahapatra ·

is it true that IIT will provide our marks within 7 days of announcing the result this time?? i think i saw this sumwhere (most probably in the brochure)

so its good news for us

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Is dat true?

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