What is last date for enrollement for Brilliant test series 2010?

What is last date for enrollment for Brilliant test series 2010?
When does test series start ?

Anyone having schedule ?

Where is form available?I can't find it on the site.
Can anyone give the link to download form please.

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Gone.. ·

i have the form..they mailed it to me..i can give it to you..send ur email id thru scrap.

Gone.. ·

Part Test 1 Sit-down September 2009
Part Test 2 Sit-down September 2009
Part Test 3 Sit-down October 2009
Part Test 4 Sit-down October 2009
Part Test 5 Sit-down November 2009
Part Test 6 Sit-down November 2009
Exam Type Month
B.MAT Part Tests
Test 1 Home-based November/December 2009
Test 2 Home-based November/December 2009
Test 3 Sit-down December 2009
Test 4 Sit-down December 2009
Test 5 Home-based December/January 2010
Test 6 Home-based December/January 2010
Test 7 Home-based December/January 2010
Test 8 Home-based December/January 2010
Test 9 Home-based December/January 2010
Test 10 Sit-down January 2010
Test 11 Sit-down January 2010
Test 12 Sit-down February 2010
Test 13 Sit-down February 2010
Test 14 Home-based February/March 2010
Test 15 Home-based February/March 2010
Test 16 Home-based February/March 2010
Test 17 Sit-down March 2010
Test 18 Sit-down March 2010

Gone.. ·

if u want the schedule in a proper format(if u cant understand the above 1 properly) then tell me..il mail that 2

champ ·

how did they mail you ?

I asked them on the phone and they said we have to download form from site.

Also tell me the last date for enrollment since 1st test is in September[2]

Debotosh.. ·


...............download the requirements from here !!!

champ ·

thanks organic[10]

but the form says that I am eligible to take test only after 30 days of enrollment and first test is september

So will I be eligible or not if I send my draft on monday ?[7]

Debotosh.. ·

well that is the problem you will facing due to late enrollment.....usually the draft reaches there is 2-3 days and you are sent your enrollment card in a week...so i think you will probably miss only the first two part tests if you enroll now !!! better hurry !!!

champ ·

but will I get the tests at my home if I miss them [7]

rahul nair ·

No..you wont get the tests home.......

champ ·

why ?

amit verma ·

yaar i want to apply 4 bt test series plzz tell how 2 apply 4 the tests


hey champ if u have sum relative at chennai get it to the office by sum1....then u will be registered instanmtly n will not have to wait 30 days..:)

shefali ·

can anyone send across d link 4 downloading d bt test series form....................

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