An intelligent trader travels from 1 place to another with 3 sacks carrying 30 coconuts each.No sack can hold more than 30 coconuts each.On the way he passes through 30 checkpoints and on each checkpoint he has to give 1 coconut from each bag he is carrying.How many coconuts are left in the end?
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Manish Shankar ·

i m getting the answer as 25 ??

Sushovan Halder ·

After covering 10 checkpoints coconuts remaining in each bag is 20.So he transfers 10 coconuts each from (say 3rd bag) to the first two bags.Now the two bags have 30 each.after covering 15 checkpoints more 15 coconuts remain in each bag.So he transfers 15 from (say 2nd bag) to the first one.So after going through 5 more checkpoints remaining coconuts are 25

Rajiv Agarwal ·

i am also getting 25

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