Maths...class 5

A class 5 sum my sister showed me and i could not do..!!!!


find D


mujhse class 5 wala sum nahi huwa!! :((

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Sourav Deb ·

Arrrre, this kinda shit kept happening with us too.but we were in class 5 then!
Actually,these class 5 books are printed by people who cant even read their own mother tongue, and written by people who made "silly mistakes" while copying it from someone else's this was bound to most of us are accustomed to dismissing every problem they find a bit tricky as a printing error.Bad habit.
but, HOW OLD IS YOUR SIS?i mean - you must be quite the angry young man by now - but ur sis is in class 5?how many times did the poor fella fail?she has my sympathies, btw.tell her to work hard and be a good elder brother.

rahul ·

Really typical...............!!!! :D :D

Subhomoy Bakshi ·

the actual question was the average attendance from monday to thursday in a class was 38 and that from thursday to saturday was 39. Find attendance on Thursday..

I got 124 possible right answers to this question..

there should have been another given to shortlist one answer out of the 124..:P

Well...the sum must be wrong!! :D

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