Milk first or later?

You are waiting for your girlfriend at a coffee joint. She is as always late :P :D

Do you pour cold milk first or do you wait before adding the cold milk?

You know that she will be still late and it is shameful to stay in the coffee joint without ordering something [3]

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Debotosh.. ·

From newton's law of cooling, we know that the rate of fall of temperature is directly proportional to the temperature difference between the body and its surroundings .
so.....(assuming that none likes cold tea) i will pour the cold milk first so that the temp diff between the tea and surroundings is reduced and thus it cools at a lower rate than if milk is not added !!!!

abhinaav sharma ·

i will pour cold milk first

Vinayak Agrawal ·

I will break up with my girlfriend and walk out of coffee joint

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