Drisicirmination ???

Is there any disrimination towards North indians in NIT-trichy,Warangal,surathkal,calicut ??

And are north indians made targets by college gangs in MNIT-allahabad,NIT bhopal ??

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Sonne ·

yes , but the other way

my cousin was in sastra (tanjore)

he told that a single north indian wud come and bash all the south indians

well but that is 5 years back !!

now i dont think much problem is there (atleast physically)

some problems are bound to happen in initial stages

but u will gel up soon

those who fight initially turn out to be the best friends in future

Akshay Pamnani ·

I don know about any other college regading this
but at NIT Bhopal be prepared for these things
u will get ragged like hell there
If u study in first year at MANIT Bhopal u will be beaten hard by seniors

pawanseerwani seerwani ·

Hey i studied at NIT Trichy for one year(n now i am going to join IIT Roorkee) well there is discrimination over there.. i mean u wud find teachers supporting the tamil guys more than the northies.. but thats not a problem i suppose.. regarding ragging yes a bit heavy for northies(esp..if u r from Rajasthan/West Bengal).. thats for 1 year.. sudnt cause much of a difference i guess.. the rest is up to you..

msp ·

Yes i guess u will get little bit of ragging from seniors,and teachers will support tamilians a bit as most of them donno hindi,But this wont make them to put low marks on ur subjects,But as far as i know the north indians were dominating from the second year.And i think u shud not get beaten up by seniors.And Nit-t is not a bad choice among those choices,The climate is not well,Its really hot there.

jabbujabbu ·

Students from SASTRA University Thanjavur told me that the locals alwaysgo bad on the north indias especially during the first year.But there was nothing too serious to worry about. Again, be prepared for this stuff.

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