1-D motion

A particle located at x=o at time t=0 starts moving along the positive X-direction with a velocity v that varies with time is? explain

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Akash Anand ·

Question is not clear, try to state it once again.

Swarna Kamal Dhyawala ·

A particle located at x = 0 at time t = 0, starts moving along the positive x-direction with a velocity
‘v’ that varies as v= a√x . The displacement of the particle varies with time as

Sushovan Halder ·

Given v=a√x
or (dx)/(dt)=a√x
or x-1/2dx=adt
Integrating the above equation we get
2x1/2=at + K.
Now at x=0 at t=0.So K=0.
So the required relation is 2x1/2=at

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