Constraint Relation-1

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Soumyabrata Mondal ·

(A) 3u/4 ???

Aditya Agarwal ·

is the answer none?

Akash Anand ·

Any one give the solution.

Aditya Agarwal ·

since the man pulls with constant velocity, no question of acceleration and hence force arises.
And since no force is acting ans is (d)none?

  • Aditya Agarwal What is wrong in this approach?
  • Akash Anand Its asking the velocity ..not the acceleration. And if the block will not move (from your approach) then nothing can be lifted in this world. Force is needed to provide net acceleration. In this case you dont have to bother about forces. You have to find the constraint relation only.
Swarna Kamal Dhyawala ·

sir answer is coming u/4

Aditya Agarwal ·

Sir what is the soln of this one?

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