Higher order dervatives

Why do we study derivatives up to acceleration only

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sweenytodd ·

Because There are computers to deal with the complex calculations needed to deal with derivatives of higher order

Vyom Parashar ·

Who is this idiot sweeny todd.. trying to dirty all the forums :( [16]

Kshitij Gupta ·

because that is what is needed to related to the force being applied..........no other relation exists for higher order derivatives atleast in the syllabus of IIT JEE

skygirl ·

we can ofcorse have derivative of acceleration........ n that will give the rate of increase or decrease of acceleration... we can go on findning derivatives which will give us the subsequent rates,,,,,, only that we dun encounter it often...so they are not mentioned in books......

Alok Ranjan ·

ya perhaps derivatives of higher degree is in syllabus of aieee but not in jee. as such derivative of acceleration is jek but upto now i have not seen its uses anywhere

voldy ·

The derivative of acceleration exists and is known as jerk.

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