The kinetic enegry of a particle moving along a circle of radius R depends on the distance covered a T=as2,where a is a constant.Find the force acting on the particle as a function s.

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Lokesh Verma ·

Hint: there are two componnents of acceleration..

One towards the center another tangentially..

The vector sum will give the resultant acceleration.

Hence find the force.

varun.tinkle ·

simple sum v^2=4as/m here v is speed and s is the distance and tangential force is dv/dt where v is speed P.S. i wrote this as i always get confused between speed and vel

Jagadish Kumar ·

At the instant after the system of objects is released, find the accelerations o . ... about an axis passing through its centre and perpendicular to its symmetry axis. ... In the fig. shown a smooth ring is connected to rod AB while rod CD passes thru ring . At the given instant angular vel. of rod AB abt hinge A is 1 rad/s and AC=CB.

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