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Answer this question with logical explanation please.

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Sourish Ghosh ·

Force acting of block 2M is 2F towards left, and on M is F towards right. Thus net accln of system is F3M towards left.

Consider the COM of the system as the frame of reference.
Applying appropriate pseudo forces on each block,
F2M = 2F - 2M.F3M = 4F3 towards left.
FM = F + M.F3M = 4F3 towards rights.
Let the extensions caused by F2M and FM be x1 and x2.
Conserving energy,
F2Mx1 + FMx2 = 12k(x1 + x2)2 [At max extension, kinetic energy = 0]
=> (x1 + x2) = 8F3k

Chandra Prakash Mishra ·

the force on M is F towards right whereas on the block 2M is2F towards left .net force=3F .exten.=3F/k

Akash Anand ·

Hint for this question is another question, you might enjoy :)

Himanshu Giria ·

is't (B) ??

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