2 parallel st. lines are inclined to the horizontal at an angle α .A particle is projected from a point midway between them so as to graze one of the linesand strike the other at right angle .If θ be the nagle btwn direction of projection and either of the lines,then tanθ = (√2 -1)cotα .

Plz provide solution as well

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Akash Anand ·

For now just take a hint. See the diagram and try to understand the equation that I m providing. You have to think the reason for every equation, and finally solve them to get the result.
These are the following equation you need for getting your result.

(u sinθ)22g cosα=d2.....(i)

T=u cosαg sinα........(ii)
-d2=u sinθ*T-12*g cosαT2.........(iii)

Try to put the values from eq. (i) & (ii) in (iii) and solve.

Akshay Ginodia ·


Akshay Ginodia ·

Thank u sir :)

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