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a ball of mass m,radius r rolls along a circular path of radius R.Its speed at bottom(θ=0)of path is v0.Find the force of path (Normal and friction) on the ball as a function of θ

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Sourish Ghosh ·

N = mv2R-r - mg7[10 - 3cosθ]

Akash Anand ·


1)Try to apply energy conservation, one point here to b noted is that ball is in pure rolling so initially it must have some translational K.E as well as rotational K.E.

2) At an height h don't forget to count the radius of small sphere.

3) Friction will be there but not at its maximum level, so you have to use the slandered result or derive the result.

4) For normal force you have to use general equation for body moving in a circular path.

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