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a rod of length l is resting on a horizontal a certain instant of time,lower end has a velocity of 3m/s
what is the minimum velocity of of the upper end of the rod?

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Vijay Yevatkar ·

Bhaiya can u xplain it plsssss????

thakurshubham joshi ·

the velocities at both ends should be same in order to move the rod so the cosine of 3 ie 3cos60 is the velocity at upper portion (min)

rishabh ·

velocity of all the points of the rod along the length of the rod is same since it is a rigid rod and can neither contract or expand.

Aditya Bhutra ·

vel. of lower end along the length of the rod is 3.cos60 . since the rod is rigid, min. vel of upper end will be 1.5 m/s

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