Chemical bonding

Why AlCl3.6H2O is electrovalent..whereas AlCl3 is covalent?plzzzz.. help.

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adhi_pandian ·

AlCl3 has simple covalent bonding because the aluminium cation is so small and highly charged (3+) that it has an extremely high charge density. This charge density distorts the electron cloud of the anions (Cl-) to such a large degree that the bonding is considered as covalent. This is why AlCl3 vapourises at room temperature, because it only has weak van der waal's intermolecular forces.

but in AlCl3.6H2O the H+ will make ionic bonding with the Cl -

so the AlCl3 is covalent but AlCl3.6H2O is ionic!

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