Ionic equilibrium

The Ksp values for Fe(OH)3 and Al(OH)3 are 1.1*10-36 and 1.8*10-33 respectively.A solution is 0.1M in Fe3+ and Al3+

Q1At what OH- concentration will Al(OH)3 begin to precipitate?

Q2At what OH- concentration will Fe(OH)3 begin to precipitate?

Q3What will be the concentration of Fe3+ in solution when Al3+ ion just begin to precipitate.

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hey u noe d solubility bas.
d product of conc of both eqaul Ksp
bt here conc of OH inons will b raise to 3 .......and then u noe conc of Al3+ for d first q and Fe3+ for d second
i guess dats done

corrrect me if m wrng !

Dr.House ·

ha its rite

iitimcomin ·

are both put into same solution??????????????????????????

iitimcomin ·

then theres a slight twist to it ..[if my above statement is valid #4]

let OH due to al and fe be x,y .........

so for precipitation Q>Ksp .......



sorry if ive gone terribly rong

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