numerical for manish sir

manish sir plz tell why this concept is not applicable here

CONCEPT:for a compound AxBy: x moles of A=y moles of B

PROBLEM:0.75 moles of A4 +2.0 moles of O2 completely react to form a single compound!find the empirical formula of the compound.

SOLUTION:moles of A4/moles of O2=0.75/2.0=3/8
((moles of A)/4)/((moles of O)/2)=3/8
moles of A/moles of B=3/4

now using concept above empirical formula is A4O3
BUT right answer is just opposite i.e. A3O4....plz clarify why the concpet is not applicable!!! and reason why just reverse of it holds here!

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we are doing a silly mistake

see carefully 1st step of solution. it should be 2/0.75 from the concept u have written


no is the ratio of A4 molecules and O2 molecules so it is rightly written as 0.75/2.0[1]

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