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Manish Shankar ·

A+ is in the octahedral void of X-.


r+=(√2-1)r-=0.414*250=103.5≈104 pm

Aditya Agarwal ·

sir, what is the fundamental mistake in considering r+ =0.732r-?

what will happen if r+r-=0.732(just less than)

then what is the implication of saying if 0.414 ≤r/R ≤0.732, it is an octahedral void?

Manish Shankar ·

then there is a concept of tightly fit and loosely fit.

when r/R=0.414 it is tightly fit.

as we go on increasing the ratio, it becomes loose

and after 0.732 it is so loose that it changes to BCC

Aditya Agarwal ·

So sir if not mentioned, we always take it to be tightly fit?

Prashant Kulthia ·

=> R(+) / R(-) = .414
=> R(+) + R(-) = √2(R-)
=> R(+) = R(-)*(.414)
=> R(+) = 250 * .414
=> R(+) = 104(approx.)
Therefore (A) is the answer

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