Am I correct?

Choose the odd one out and give reasons for your answer :


I choose Ethene as the odd one out because it has no isomers,while the others have atleast 1 isomer.

Was I right in my prediction? If I was wrong,then what is the correct answer,and why?

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Moumita Sen ·

2-Butene is correct. In all the others the first carbon forms a double bond.
@ Arkadyuti: Isopropane is a mixture of propane and butane. Propene does not have any isomer.

Vinayak Agrawal ·

I dont think so. Are you sure propene has an isomer??

Vinayak Agrawal ·

I think it will be 2-Butene as it is an isomer while the others indicate alkenes in their natural state ("natural state" is not a technical term. You have to understand what I mean.)

Asmita Chatterjee ·

Alkenes with 4 or more than 4 carbon atoms can only form isomers. So i guess in that case 2-Butene is probably be the correct ans.

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