Dielectric constant/Solubility

1) What is Dielectric Constant?
2) How is solubility of a substance measured?
3) What is lattice energy?

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Anshula mondal ·

1)Dielectric constant(k)of a material(generally an insulator) is the ratio of the capacitance of a capacitor(an arrangemant 2 store charge) completely filled with that material to its capacitance in vacuum

2)a substance is soluble in a given solvent only if its lattice energy <bond dissociation energy in the solvent.....nw as the lattice energy increases solubility decreases...temp will also play a role in it as increase in temp generally increases solubility

3)lattice energy is the energy liberated when oppositely charged ions form 1 mole of a crystalline solid

Anshula mondal ·

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