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(AA)^2=DCBA,where A,B,C & D are distinct digits with B being odd. Find the value of D

Is the Value of D a constant or variable?

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Astha Gupta ·

that's an interesting one...
whenever u square a no. that ends with either 1, 5 or 6....u will always get the same digit at the unit's place, i.e. 1,5 and 6 respectively...
now, why i was telling you about this is because after squaring the given no. the unit digit so obtained is the, possibly either we are squaring 11, 55 or 66.
square of 11 will give me 121 which contains only three not this one
square of 55 will give me has four digits but here "B" , i.e. 2 is it does not satisfies the the given condition..
so, finally we are left with 66..
square of 66 is "B", i.e. 5 is an odd no. which satisfies the given condition...and all the digits are that's the no..
now, obviously the value of "D" will be-
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