Algebra Problem - Please Help

ax = by= cz

b2 = ac

Then express y in the terms of x and z.


A) 2xzx + z
B) xz2(x - z)
C) xz2(z - x)
D) 2xzx - z
E) 2xzz - x
F) xz2(x + z)

I tried it many times but could not solve it. Can anybody please help me? Please show the workout in detail. Thanks to the person in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Angikar Ghosal

2 Answers

Anurat Bhattacharya ·


Sayantan Hazra ·

Take ax = by = cz = k
Then evaluate all of them in term of k.

Finally substitute in b2 = ac

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