Advanced assignment-1

What's the difference between (c) and (d)?

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Akshay Ginodia ·

In (C) the switch (.) is provided with E whereas in (D) the switch is provided with R

  • Akash Anand In C if the switch is open then battery will became open circuit, and galvanometer not going to give null deflection at any point on the wire. On the other hand for the D part you will get two different null points one for open switch and one for closed switch (if battery has some internal resistance). Think about it.
  • Niraj kumar Jha Sir,if E is given and we wish to calculate internal resistance, we can use both (c)&(d) na? Now,if E is not given we would require two equation so we can use only (D)?
  • Akash Anand Yeah are right Niraj.

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