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Why current in a ckt flows very fast though electron travel with drift velocity of few centimeters per second? Like if it is a very long wire, will switching on the circuit immediately take the current to the other end?


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himanshu singh ·

When potential difference is applied to the terminal of the wire, all the electrons in wire also influenced by this PD in micro-nano seconds....
now think about the last electron which is just touching the positive plate, it will travel from lower potential to higher potential. this is the reason that current starts flowing in micro-nano second.

Vyom Parashar ·

yup.. correct answer...

ok.. one more thing! what is the speed of the electron in a current flow.
What is the speed of electricity?

Why is there this difference?

Vyom Parashar ·

To give a very good similarity.

why does water start to flow as soon as you open the tap!
It is not like rainfall, where water starts to fall from the top. Electons are there everywhere throughout the wire. Just like water is there everywhere in the pipe! Though this is not a formal proof, but a good way to appreciate and understand the concept of why electrons travel as soon as potential difference is applied

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