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hybridiation is the chemists attemt to explain the observed molecular shape by constructing hybridised atomic orbitals with the appropriate inter-orbital angles.for the molecule,in which case deviation from nominal bond angle is observed VSEPR theory suggests electron pair repulsive interaction(lp-lp>lp-bp>bp-bp).while from hybridisation point of view, that is departure from nominal hybridisation because the angle between any equivalent hybrid orbitals determine the fraction of s and p character of the hybrid and vice-versa.

this relationship can be used to determine the exact type of hybrids used in the molecule.the subscript on p is called hybridisation index (i)

and f(s) =1/(i+1) ; f(p)=i/(i+1)


when we add the fs values for all the hybrids on a given atom the total must be equal to 1

and for any hybrid generated from s and p atomic orbitals


mathematically the inter orbital angle theta is related to hybridisation index as follows:

cos theta= -1/i or i= -1/cos theta


what is the actual hybridisation of nitrogen involved in non- bonding pair?

(A) sp^2.3

(b) sp^3

(c) sp^2.13

(d) sp^3


in the ethylene molecule H-C-H bond angle is 120 degree. moreover it is supposed that double bond ,it means two bonds in between both carbon atom are equivalent,equally bent(against sigma and pie convention).then what hybridisation would be expected in bent C-C bond?

a- sp2

b- sp2.78

c- sp4

d- sp5

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