Relative Motion-1

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Sourish Ghosh ·

A wins the race.
Time of A = 3 min
Time of B = 7.5 min

Anomitro Kundu ·

A wins the race..............TIME OF A=3.5 mins
TIME OF B=7.5mins

Swarna Kamal Dhyawala ·

A wins the race
Time of A =1.5 min
Time of B =2 min

Akash Anand ·

Correct Answer:
B wins the race,
Time for A is 165 sec
Time for B is 150 sec

Akash Anand ·

Here is the explanation:

Considering for A:
The time it will take to go to the other side (not necessarily at C) will be: 1005(518)sin 37° = 120 sec

In that time horizontal drag for him will be:
[(5(518)cos 37°)+2(518)]*120=200m

remaining 100m he will travel with 8 km/h so: time = 1008(518) =45 sec

So total time for A is 165 Sec.

Similarly you can do for the B.

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