exceptions in organic chemistry!!!!!

well....organic a nightmare for many fun for others....a house of many exceptions to basic phenomenon n reactions is the beauty of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!
so this thread is dedicated to those exceptions in organic chemistry!!!
both in reactions n in characteristic features of compounds.........hope this thread blossoms n goes ahead[1][1][1]

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Nice thread..[1]

Chloral is an important exception to Cannizzaro rxn.,
the final product is Cl3CH + HCOO-

govind ·

Terminal Alkynes give Tollen's test

Twist boat format of cyclohexane is chiral

NH2C2H5 and NH(CH3)2 are functional isomers i thot they will be metamers but acc. to Bansal assignments they are functional isomers

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@Aveek: nothing co-relating. It's just Test-Series. :D

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p-hydroxy benzoic acid less acidic to C6H5COOH but o-hydroxy salicylic acid more than benzoic acid.

Presence of +M directing group decreases acidic character due to increasing -ve charge on carboxylate ion. In salicylic acid exception is due to Intara molecular H-bonding,which stbilizes o-hydroxy benzoate ion.

govind ·

HCOOH..Formic Acid shows positive Tollen's and Fehling's test..

The attack of NO+ on benzene is faster than NO2+

In case of non-polar medium the formation of NO2+ is the slow step... and in case of polar solvents the removal of proton will be the slowest step in Nitration...
The vant hoff factor in Nitration mixture is ≈ 3.82

In case of Sulphonation the electrophile is SO3

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add to last post

also explained by ortho effect......a effect in which an ortho group increase acidity and decreases basicity

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