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At 51.2Degree celcius,the pressure of a certain mass of acetic acid vapour was found to be 25.98mm/hg in a container of volume 359.8 ml for the equilibrium
(CH3COOH)2≡2CH3COOH. The vapour on condensation and titration required 13.8 ml of 0.0568 N soln of Ba(OH)2 soln. Calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction.

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Dr.House ·

iseh koi bana do na. somebody do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iitimcomin ·

is it sum kinda trick question.............

isnt the thing on LHS a solid ........

so Kc = partial pressure of product2 = (25.98)2

Dr.House ·

it came in our test of institute. i couldnt do this.

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