Gaseous State Problem

A mixture of H2O(v), CO2 and N2 was trapped in a glass apparatus with a volume of 0.731 ml. The pressure of total mixture was 1.74 mm of Hg at 23°C. The sample was transferred to a bulb in contact with dry ice(-75°C) so that H2O vapour was frozen out. When the sample returned to normal value of the temperature, pressure was 1.32 m of Hg. The sample was then transferred to a bulb in contact with liquid N2 (-95°C) to freeze out CO2. In measured volume, pressure was 0.53 mm of Hg at original temperature. How many moles of each constituent are in mixture.

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Vivek @ Born this Way ·

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Anonymous ·

Use the concept of partial pressure.remember that in the last process only n2 is left hence we can find its partial pressure.use PV=nrt

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