Hydrogen bonds with Chlorine

Chlorine is quite electronegative. So, why is hydrogen bond not present in HCl?


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Swarna Kamal Dhyawala ·

no after flourine, oxygen followed by nitrogen is more electronegative ......here is the data for electonegativity:
fluorine = 4.0
oxygen = 3.5
nitrogen = 3.1
chlorine =3.0
it is because chlorine lies in next period it has 3 shells and also nuclear attractions is less in it.......

Swarna Kamal Dhyawala ·

Hydrogen bonds are attractions between a δ+ hydrogen on one molecule and a lone pair on a very
electronegative atom (N, O or F) on another molecule.
so for chlorine hydrogen bonding (dipole dipole interaction )is not effective

Sayan Sinha ·

But, after Fluorine, Chlorine is the most electronegative. Chlorine is more electronegative than Oxygen, Nitrogen or Fluorine. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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