IIT 1996

The ionization constant of NH4+ in water is 5.6 x 10-19at 25 C.The rate of constant of the reaction of NH4+ and OH- to form NH3 and H2O is 3 x 1010 L/mol s.Calculate the rate constant for proton transfer from water to NH3.

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Manish Shankar ·



Kf, Ki and Kw are known, so you can find Kb

I think this will do

is the answer not matching???

Sanjay Rao ·

K=[nh3][h2o]/[nh4+][oh-]=kf/kb; kf=forward reaction and kb=backward reaction

Ki=[ nh3][h+]/[h2o][nh4+]; ki=ionization const.

K/ki=[h2o]^2/kw; kw=ionic product of water and [h2o]^2 is a constant

Therefore, k/ki=1/kw

Therefore we substitute k=kf/kb

We get-kf/kb=ki/kw


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