kinetics...important conceptual material for iitjee

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swordfish ·

I think you did not read this on first page of the book before posting :

This book contains copyright subject matter proprietary to Brillliant Tutorials....... No part of this book may be anyone.............Violators are liable to be LEGALLY prosecuted

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kunl ·

well i don't know......if it violates any copyright then i request nishant bhaiya to delete it

swordfish ·

Arey don't worry....India hai...sab chalta hai [3]....but if you get it deleted then that will be good on your part as a true citizen.

kunl ·

[3][3]...arey not out of worry actually i had downloaded some pdfs long time back and i had saved some pages of it for further reference...ab tht guy who uploaded those pdfs did not give even a hint tht it was of some coaching[entrancecorner] being unaware of it i thought of helping others too by sharing those pages...but it turned out tht it was of brilliant...ROFL!!

Chalo let me add a disclaimer...[3]
pages shared here are downloaded from entrancecorner.we are not breaking any copyrights as we are just sharing material downloaded from web without any information regarding the source or the uploader.any violation would therefore not be reverred with and in case of any dispute the jusrisdiction area would be XYZ..
and i request the admin to delete these pages as soon as possible!


Vivek @ Born this Way ·

Nothing to Delete.

Just Mention:

The user of the above matter bears all the responsibility for the usage of data and neither TIIT nor kunl is hosting this. It is just providing a link to a matter already present on Internet.

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