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A volume V of a gaseous hydrocarbon was exploded with excess o2 and after cooling a contraction of 2.5 times was noted. A further contraction of 2 twice the volume of hydrocarbon was noted in presence of molten KOH. The molecular formula of hydrocarbon is?

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Lokesh Verma ·

See such problems are quite simple

assume CxHy + zO2 -> xCO2+y/2(H2O) + (z-x-y/2)O2

The 2nd statement says that x=2 as
the volume of oxygen is twice that of CxHy which means the moles of CO2 is double (bcos KOH added to CO2 gives KHCO3)

also the contraction is 2.5 times initially so H2O condenses...

Now can u try?

Abhishek Das ·

Is the answer C2H6.

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