Physics JEE Question. I tried this sum a lot. Unable to get the solution. It would be very good to get the solution of this sum.

a block of mass m produces an extension of 9cm in an elastic spring of length 60cm when it is hung by it, and the system is in equilibrium. the spring is cut in two parts of 40cm and 20cm lengths, the same block hangs in equilibrium with the help of these two parts. find the extension in this case

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Ruchi Punjabi ·

Spring constant for original spring is -


Since, K is inversely proportional to length,

Therefore spring constant of spring of length 40cm is

=60/40 K =3/2K

And that for spring of length 20 cm is

=60/20K =3K

Combination of two springs is

3/2K + 3K = W

9/2 K = W

We know that K=W/9

So W=9/2K*x

9K = 9/2K*x


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