again stuck in the BO@T...!!

All of you must have solved or at least tried to solve river-crossing or gorge-crossing riddles, with some conditions, but believe me, this one is really typical...

There was a group of two teachers (one male and one female) and four students (two boys and two girls), who went to a jungle safari, alongwith a pet Chimpanzee and his trainer... During the trip, all of them needed to cross a river, for which, like usual, there was a boat, that can hold only two persons at a time (by the way, Chimpanzee also counts as a person in this riddle)... And yes, all the four students and the Chimpanzee don't know how to operate the boat...

Now, the conditions...
To control the Chimpanzee, the trainer has to remain with him, when he is around other people...
The male teacher can't be left alone with girl students without the female teacher...
The female teacher can't be left alone with boy students without the male teacher...
Now, can you guys help the group cross the river...?

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Rwitwik Sinha ·

Male teacher≡1
Female teacher≡2
Male student1≡3
Male student2≡4
Female student1≡5
Female student2≡6
First 7 and 8 will go. Then 8 will come back. Then 6 an 8 will go. & and 8 will come back. The 2 and 5 will go. 2 will come back, 1 and 3 will go. Then 1 will come back and 1 and 4 will go. 1 will again comeback and 1 and 2 will go. 1 comes back and 1 and 8 goes. then 8 comes back and 7 and 8 goes. So the entire group crosses the river with all the conditions satisfied.

Rwitwik Sinha ·


Astha Gupta ·

but wen did the chimp came back..?? was already there on the other shore...u left it there only at the beginning..

Astha Gupta ·

but i got that..wen the chimp comes back..u r ri8..!!! ^_^

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