Problems in Ellipse

1)If α and β are ends of a focal chord of an ellipse of eccentricity e, find tan(α/2).tanβ(/2)
2)Normals drawn to ellipse x2a2 + y2b2=1 at P meet the coordinate axes at A, B. Find the locus of mid point of A and B.
3)A tangent drawn to x2a2+y2b2=1 at P is such that it intersects the auxiliary circle at A and B. If S and S' are foci, then find min value of S'A + SB

3 Answers

Jeet Sen Sharma ·

som1 help in dese.....

Manish Shankar ·






proceed from here

Manish Shankar ·

for second

take P as (acosθ,bsinθ)

find the equation of normal,

find the points A and B

get the locus

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