IMO 2011

Dear friends

The contest session of IMO 2011 starts tomorrow

Lets root for our team. You can check them out

Its great to see a girl member, Mrudul Thatte on the team.

Akashnil is in for the third time! Lets hope he bags a gold this time.

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Devil ·

Yup - good luck to all IMO candidates....

Go ahead guys - make our country proud...

Ricky ·

Ditto - I am sure they will make us countrymen and our beloved country proud ( though they already have , to a great extent ) . Good luck to all the guys and girls .

Shubhodip ·

Best of luck to all participants.

Sigma ·

My best wishes with them!

aditya ravichandran ·

congrats india ==rank 23

one gold medal too

Hari Shankar ·

Akashnil wins Gold!

Surprisingly only one 42. Somehowm i perceived this IMO to be easier than previous years

Dr.House ·

well, akashnil joined MIT.. a befitting institute for a bright student

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