seating of people in arbitrary circles of arbitrary sizes

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Shubhodip ·

i hope empty circles are not taken into consideration!!? :D

can u tell the answer if u have ?

Asish Mahapatra ·

no .. empty circles are not taken into consideration (atleast 1 person in a circle)

and i dont have the answer.
This was a question our recently concluded technical - interhostel event

Hari Shankar ·

I guess Stirling numbers of the first kind is what you need

kaymant ·

Yes I think the required number should be
\sum_{k=1}^n \left[\begin{array}{c}n \\ k \end{array}\right]

where \left[\begin{array}{c}n \\ k \end{array}\right] denotes the unsigned Stirling number of the first kind which counts the number of permutations of n elements with k disjoint cycles.

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