total no. of viruses

Ans : b

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Swaraj Dalmia ·

And given is definitely wrong.
I got 310-13*34

Aditya Bhutra ·

even i got something of that sort.

Vivek @ Born this Way ·

how are yo u calculating?

Aditya Bhutra ·

easy for the first 5 secs .

rest i did by calculating for each second.

Ketan Chandak ·

I think the answer maybe correct....
think of it as if no virus dies....then the total no of viruses would have been 310....but since all of the viruses which were produced from t=0 to t=5 die....
the answer shud be 310-35.....(since 35 viruses were produced from t=0 to t=5)

Aditya Bhutra ·

@ ketan - but in 310 you have supposed that the died viruses have also reproduced .
which is why its wrong.

praveen nambiar ·

i agree with swaraj

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